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The Risk theme should be considered from two perspectives in PRINCE2 Agile:

Risk Framework

PRINCE2 Agile states that there might not be a certain role responsible for risk in simple Agile environments, and everyone collaborate in its management. In larger, more complex projects, risks should be managed both at the delivery and the project level.

Risk management might be simplified in this environment, and its management products such as Risk Register might be merged with others such as Issue Register. In a common Scrum environment, for example, risks and issued are usually treated the same – they are introduced in the Daily Standups, and followed-up by the Developers or the Scrum Master.

Risks Related to the Delivery Method

Agile environments remove some of the common risks, and add new ones. For example, lack of executive support is a bigger risk in Agile compared to predictive methods, as the team has to be empowered. On the other hand, the impact of the risks resulted from having unclear requirements is much lower in this environment and can be ignored.

A tool you can use for identifying risks related to Agility is The Agilometer; each low score in Agilometer can be the cause of many risks, and you should plan responses for them.

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