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User story is a way of defining detailed requirements. It's done with the following template:

As a {role}, I want to {function}, [so that {purpose}]

The third part is optional, because sometimes the purpose is really obvious (e.g. As an end user, I want to reset my password.)

Capturing User Stories

User stories can be written down on sticky notes or index cards. Their common quality criteria is captured in the Definition of Done, which applies to every user story. If some of them has special criteria, it can be written down on the back of the card.

Usually the business value (or the MoSCoW Prioritization labels), and the estimated size (e.g. in Story Points) are also written on the card.

Quality of User Stories

User stories should be:

  • Independent of each other, so that they can be prioritized, ordered, and developed freely
  • Non-technical, to be used as a communication tool with the non-technical customer

Preferably, they should be small, specific, and measurable.

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