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The following are recommended by PRINCE2 Agile:

  • Product Descriptions will be prioritized to allow for value-based delivery and a dynamic, adaptive scope.
  • Some parts of the quality criteria might be captured in the Definition of Done, and referenced in the Product Descriptions.
  • They can be formal or informal.
  • The scope defined in the Product Description should be flexible to allow adaptation.
  • They may have zero tolerance for quality to ensure its not compromised (see the Note 1 below)
  • Product Descriptions might be captured using user stories or epics, and they can be the product backlog items in Scrum. (see the Note 2 below)

Note 1: "tolerance" have been used in its common language form in PRINCE2 Agile, which is not compatible with PRINCE2. Setting tolerances to zero is not a way of fixing targets, as explained in the Targets article.

Note 2: Product Descriptions are a form of Baseline in PRINCE2, and since they are subject to formal change control in PRINCE2 Agile, and are not supposed to change dramatically, they should not be too detailed. However, user stories are detailed, and therefore it might not be a good idea to consider them as Product Descriptions: they can be created by breaking down the Product Descriptions.

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