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Guidance Points

PRINCE2 Agile mentions 8 guidance points required for understanding PRINCE2 Agile:

  1. All references to PRINCE2 refer to the 2009 edition.
  2. PRINCE2 is neutral to the delivery method, and can be used in both predictive and adaptive (Agile) environments.
  3. PRINCE2 Agile doesn’t assume you’re using it for IT development, and can be used in other environments as well.
  4. Some Agile approaches are created only for IT development.
  5. Scrum is only one way of being Agile.
  6. PRINCE2 Agile mostly assumes Scrum and Kanban when talking about Agile delivery methods. They cannot be used to manage a project and need something like PRINCE2.
  7. Agile = A general family of bahaviors, concepts, frameworks, and techniques that is widely accepted throughout the Agile community as being part of the Agile way of working.
  8. There are different levels of Agility, and proper level of Agility can be used in any project.


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