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Retrospectives are frequent meetings for inspecting the work process and trying to improve it for the next cycle. In Scrum, for example, a 3 hour Sprint Retrospective meeting is held at the end of each one-month Sprint.

Retrospectives can be held at the end of each iteration, and each release in PRINCE2 Agile. The output can be used for capturing lessons learned, and identifying issues and risks.

Note: improving the product is done using continuous refactoring rather then retrospective meetings; the latter is focused on the way we work.

Process Model

PRINCE2 Agile Process Model state33.png



  • The above image assumes that Scrum is used in the delivery level, which is not necessary.
  • The number of stages, releases, and Sprints are just examples, as well as the exception in the third stage.
  • The diagram is schematic and many details are not shown.

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