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It can be possible in some Agile environments to fully cover Product Status Accounting only with backlogs and Kanban boards, and immediately understand the status of each product. However, still a higher-level, more organized Configuration Management System seems necessary for large, complex projects, in which case a normal Product Status Accounting will follow.

A versioning system is required for IT development, and pieces of software used for that matter usually support a level of configuration management as well; you should be able to implement a simple Product Status Accounting there. Be sure you're not adding too much unnecessary complexity to the system.

Process Model

PRINCE2 Agile Process Model state23.png



  • The above image assumes that Scrum is used in the delivery level, which is not necessary.
  • The number of stages, releases, and Sprints are just examples, as well as the exception in the third stage.
  • The diagram is schematic and many details are not shown.

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