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This is the latest update of the PRINCE2 Sample Project. This free video course will show you how you can run a PRINCE2 project and you will see it is not as difficult as many people think. The main goal is to show you how easy it is to start using PRINCE2 and you can run a project using a minimum amount of information and documents. You can contact me at frank.turley(@) if you have any questions or suggestions.

Starting up a project

This video covers the following:

  • Understanding the project mandate
  • Capturing Lessons
  • Creating the outline business case
  • Defining project team
  • Creating a project project description
  • Assembling the project brief
  • Plan the initiation stage

<youtube width="500" height="auto">rBhBsrPTm2o</youtube>

Initiating a project

This video covers the following:

  • Preparing the approach documents
  • Setup project controls
  • Creating the project plan (product list, product descriptions,....)
  • Product prioritisation, estimation
  • Update the business case
  • Creating the benefits management approach

<youtube width="500" height="auto">1BIawIEQ9zs</youtube>

Stage boundary and controlling a stage

This video covers the following:

  • Plan the stage - decide on product to deliver
  • Assign people to products
  • Review risks
  • Hand out work to team
  • Monitor work and update project status
  • Accept completed work
  • Using the Chrome plugin "PM for Trello"

<youtube width="500" height="auto">sxmJ7EaeTlw</youtube>

Controlling a Stage and Closing a Project

This video covers the following:

  • How the PM hands out work
  • Risks and issues
  • Quality control
  • Accept products
  • Reporting to the project board
  • And Closing a Project activities

<youtube width="500" height="auto">IpfhG2ah6uY</youtube>

Hope this has given you a good overview of how a PRINCE2 project works and you can start using PRINCE2.

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