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In 2018, AXELOS has taken the decision to coincide the launch of the PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation certification (which is aligned to PRINCE2® 2017) and therefore also made a minor update to the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner examination. The purpose of this update is to align the Practitioner examination with the PRINCE2 2017 update. These changes have also been reflected in the publication of the 3rd Impression of the PRINCE2 Agile guidance.

List of changes to PRINC2 Agile Practitioner examination

  • All previous PRINCE2 strategy documents (as referenced in PRINCE2 2009) have now been updated to approaches documents to align to the 2017 update:
    • “Configuration management strategy” to “change control approach”
    • “Benefits review plan” to “benefits management approach”** “Quality management strategy” to “quality management approach”
    • “Communication management strategy” to “communication management approach”.
    • All PRINCE2 principles, roles, themes and processes have been decapitalized
    • PRINCE2 principles and processes are now written in inverted commas
    • Agile concepts, behaviours, techniques, targets and the Agilometer slider terms are written in inverted commas
  • All references have been updated to reflect the 3rd impression of the PRINCE2 Agile Guidance
  • Examination papers have been formatted to the PRINCE2 2017 style.

List of all PRINCE2 Agile 2017 products

This diagrams give a good overview of all PRINCE2 documents that are created during a PRINCE2 project. It also shows in which process is PRINCE2 document is created and updated. Click here to download the PDF version

PRINCE2 Agile Product Map - Timeline .png

Changes to the PRINCE2 Agile Manual in 2018

The 3rd impression of the manual was printed in 2018. Click here to see a list of updates