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The Highlight Report is usually low-tech, and based on the Information Radiators rather than written documents.

When it's based on information radiators (e.g. burn-down charts), the Project Board would "pull" the information whenever they need, instead of having them "pushed" to the board; in other words, they will just go somewhere and take a look at the boards. However, you should make sure that appropriate information radiators exist that can show the status of stages and project as a whole, instead of only separate iterations. Therefore, it's a good idea to design an information radiator specifically for this purpose.

Process Model

PRINCE2 Agile Process Model state28.png



  • The above image assumes that Scrum is used in the delivery level, which is not necessary.
  • The number of stages, releases, and Sprints are just examples, as well as the exception in the third stage.
  • The diagram is schematic and many details are not shown.

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