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The original PRINCE2 health check is a set of 122 questions with yes/no answers, grouped by processes. You can use it to assess the way you're using PRINCE2. A continuous improvement is expected, so you can measure it frequently and see if your improvement plans are working.

For example, the following are examples of questions for Managing a Stage Boundary Process:

  • Has the Risk Management Strategy been reviewed and (if necessary) updated?
  • Has the Risk Register been reviewed and updated?
  • [for the next stage] Has the Project Board been requested to authorize the next stage?

PRINCE2 Agile adds the following question groups to cover the concepts required for Agility:

  • Behaviors (10 questions)
  • Environment (18 questions)
  • Process (14 questions)
  • Techniques (15 questions)

The questions however, are not clear and objective as those in the original PRINCE2 manual; e.g.

  • The project is responsive to change and is change friendly
  • Transparency prevails
  • There is an attitude of keeping things simple

Which makes the assessment subject to personal preferences and subjective judgment.