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There are two preferred options for Checkpoint Reports:

  • To have them informally appear on Information Radiators such as burn-down charts. So, the Project Manager can "pull" the information in, instead of "pushing" it to the Project Manager. In other words, the Project Manager will go and take a look at the boards.
  • To have them communicated at the Daily Standups, and maybe even Review Meetings (iteration review and release review). It's important to note that the purpose of Daily Standups is synchronization among team members rather than reporting to the Project Manager. So, if it's supposed to work as the Checkpoint Reports, you should be careful to have mechanisms to protect its true nature; e.g. the Project Manager cannot ask questions from the team and only listens to them.

Process Model

PRINCE2 Agile Process Model state27.png



  • The above image assumes that Scrum is used in the delivery level, which is not necessary.
  • The number of stages, releases, and Sprints are just examples, as well as the exception in the third stage.
  • The diagram is schematic and many details are not shown.

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