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PRINCE2 Agile mentions a number of "behaviors" required for Agile environments.


Transparency creates opportunities for improvement both in the product, and in the way we work.


Two types of collaboration is important in Agile:

  • Among team members, for improving the performance. The Collective Code Ownership] practice is an example of approaches that enables collaboration.
  • Between the customer and the supplier, because adaptation is not possible without it. The customer should spend more time with the supplier, compared to a predictive project.

Rich Communication

Communication, like transparency, is important for enabling adaptation. See also the Rich Communication focus area.


The team is self-organized when it finds its own way instead of receiving orders. A complete self-organization is not possible with a governance system that PRINCE2 brings to the project, but we still expect to have an empowered team that can decide on details. See also the Organization Theme.


Represents the adaptation concept, where we allow the product to evolve through the project based on the feedback, instead of being created based on an upfront plan/design. See also the Agile article.